Shire Takeda Merger Agreement

December 3, 2018 (London time) — Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (TSE:4502) (the Company or «Takeda») announces: that it has entered into a credit agreement with Japan Bank for International Cooperation («JBIC») for a total amount of $3,700,000,000 today (the «JBIC Loan»). The JBIC loan will finance a portion of the funds required for the acquisition of Shire plc («Shire») and will reduce liabilities under the 364-day bridge credit agreement entered into as part of the acquisition on May 8, 2018 (as amended on June 8, 2018 and October 26, 2018) (the «Bridge Credit Agreement»). We are pleased to have obtained this loan from JBIC, an organization that promotes the maintenance and strengthening of the international competitiveness of the Japanese industry,» said Costa Saroukos, Chief Financial Officer of Takeda. «This marks the conclusion of the planned refinancing program for our bridge facility at a globally mixed interest rate, which is very satisfactory, which we believe supports our intention to maintain our established dividend policy and investment level rating. We believe that JBIC`s participation in the financing of the acquisition further reinforces our commitment, our transformation into a global biopharmaceutical leader based in Japan.In in accordance with Rule 26 of the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers will publish a copy of the JBIC loan on Takeda`s website and can be viewed under the next business day until 12 noon (London time). Date of this announcement. Please note that the acquisition remains subject to certain conditions, including the agreement of the shareholders of both companies. Media and Investor Contacts:Takeda (Investor Relations) Takashi 3 3278 2306Takeda (Media – inside Japan) Kazumi 3 3278 2095Takeda (media – excluding Japan) 312 285 3203Tsuyoshi 617 551 2933Sur Takeda Pharmaceutical CompanyTakeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (EST: 4502) is a global, research and development pharmace company Who is committed to improving the health and future of patients by translating science into life-changing medicines. .

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