Regus Online Office Agreement

In other words, the AR clause was not presented in a clear and striking way, placed in larger or contrasting writing, which was filed by the surrounding text in a way that clearly draws attention to the terms. Hannah – a lawyer, remember – first tried to solve these problems with the office manager. She emailed the office manager asking him to make a call with him. He replied that he was too busy for a call and that Hannah just had to email her question (he was most likely printing things for other tenants). She replied that she had found another office and did not need to renew her lease when it expired later in the year, and she also asked if she could somehow degrade her membership, as she would no longer use Regus` offices at all (Regus should have accepted this offer, as you will see in a minute). But the bureau chief told Hannah that he couldn`t offer some kind of retrograde, which meant Hannah had to pay for the remaining term of her Regus lease $3,861 that she wouldn`t use. About 13 years ago (in January 2006), I signed a «Virtual Office» contract with a Regus (Shared Office Space) facility in Palo Alto, Ca. I had assumed that the annual agreement would be converted into a monthly agreement after fulfilling the initial term of the first year. As far as I can remember, I have never signed any additional agreements.

On November 5, 2015, I had a day office. The phone was not connected. I waited for my client before calling her at 10:55. She had been in the lobby since 10:20 and was waiting for our 10:30 a.m. appointment. I was shocked. I went ahead and told [the receptionist] and [the office manager] that I couldn`t believe that this woman had been waiting there for so long and no one had told me. [The receptionist] she said she called once and it rang, but it didn`t matter because the phone wasn`t connected….