Verb Von Agreement

You can only use the services if you (a) are over 13 years of age and (b) the law allows you to enter into a mandatory contract. «Richter has approved an agreement between environmentalists and federal leaders that will pave the way for forest restoration and logging in the southwest.» The Washington Times, October 28, 2020 Both are acceptable beyond serious criticism. If there is no clear intention that this means «not one,» a singular verb follows. Note the difference in the sense and therefore in the chosen verb (singular or plural) between the two uses of the name ics, statistics. The word there, a contraction of it, leads to bad habits in informal sentences, because there are many people here today, because it is easier to say «there is» than «there is». Article 5 bis. Sometimes the subject is separated from the verb by these words, as with, as well as, except, no, etc. These words and phrases are not part of the subject. Ignore them and use a singular verb if the subject is singular.

4. When sentences start with «there» or «here,» the subject is always placed behind the verb. «Mango announced on Friday that it had finally reached an agreement with the fleet maintenance group.», October 02, 2020 Advice and other service contracts and employment contracts between a member of the supervisory board and the company are subject to the approval of the supervisory board. Coalition agreement: … Closure, coalition agreement: 1) French coalition agreement: 1) Swedish coalition treaty: 1)… Of course, this is also a golden thing for current trade relations, which present a permanent economic risk. G-GRG is ready to design and negotiate national and international agreements, design contracts for global distribution structures and advise clients who are preparing to cooperate with foreign partners. «The NHL Players Association has announced that the union will not reopen the current collective bargaining agreement after the 2019/20 season to avoid a possible lockout next September.» CBC, 16.