Unt Guaranteed Admission Agreement

The UNT representative will maintain contacts with students and provide information on the services and resources available to participants in the Collin/UNT partnership agreement prior to admission. UNT recognizes school curricula at home and works with home school students when admitted to university. Students who are taught at home must submit an official copy of their transcript at high school, along with their SAT and/or ACT scores. Each candidate at home school is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Credits for courses of purely technical nature may or may not be transferred. The likelihood of credits being transferred is higher if the majority of the courses you took were part of the core curriculum and were taken at a regionally accredited university or university. Ask admissions, orientation or orientation centre if the new university or university has a specific agreement (so-called «articulation agreement») to accept all credits from the sending community or the specialized university or the home school for students like you who have graduated. Collin students must complete the Collin/UNT Partnership Application Form, available either on their campus or on the Eagle Bound form, and submit the completed form to the UNT Admissions Office. Students with a credit of at least 10 years can apply for admission to the UNT regardless of this academic work. Before adoption, contact the UNT Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

After reviewing the application file, the admissions advisor will send the student a letter outlining the possibilities for admission to the UNT. Keep in mind that the law (19 TAC 4.28) provides for the guaranteed acceptance of transfer credits for Texas Core Complete transcripts, while private and non-Texan universities do not guarantee the same agreement. Whether the courses you took at your former university are transferred to the new university (even if the transfer is done to another institution or university in the same system) is determined by the admissions service or the transfer committee. It is best to talk with admissions, counsel or board in advance and plan to take courses that you know will be transferred. If you have not been to high school for five years or more, have less than 30 hours of credit, have not held SAT or ACT, or do not meet other access requirements, your application will be reviewed individually by an admissions advisor. They will work with you on possible admission options. Apply via applytexas.org or commonapp.org and we will review your application on the basis of your MPA and other academic criteria. We feel for you how to navigate these difficult times. We hope you and your family will find ways to celebrate your incredible achievements while staying healthy and safe.