Mmsp Model Agreement

11.2 In accordance with this agreement, we are the processor and you are responsible. Your payments are made until the end of your RHI life or until the end or end of the MMSP contract or your registration on our part. 12.4 These conditions define the entire agreement between the parties and suspend all correspondence or prior assurances regarding the Services. 11.1 We process all personal data as part of this agreement in accordance with our privacy policy, available on the PassiveLiving portal. If you applied for the MMSP at the same time as your domestic RHI application, you receive a maximum MMSP payment of seven years. If you subsequently applied for the MMSP, you will only receive payments for the remainder of the seven years or until the end or end of the MMSP contract, or we will revoke your registration. If you applied for the MMSP at the National RHI after your first application, you will still receive the lump sum payment, but only the remainder of the annual mmsp payments for the seven years of your RHI life or until the end or end of the MMSP contract or we will revoke your registration. We worked with the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC) to establish a model agreement that can be found on the RECC site. Applicants must then submit the agreement to us as part of your MMSP application. The MMSP consists of highly specialized heat meters, current meters and temperature sensors installed on the heating system. It records the data at least every two minutes, and your installer will be able to see the data.

If your application and MMSP agreement meet the requirements, we will pay you the corresponding mmsp amount with your quarterly payments to cover part of the costs of installing MMSP. 3.2 You are responsible for entering into a contract with customers to give them access to their data and, if necessary, intelligent control services. For further questions about the MMSP, please contact Ofgem. 1.1 The following surveillance services are made available: political documents are available on the UK government`s website. 8.1 Subject to paragraph 8.3, we are not responsible to the customer: 2.2 Under the MMSP standard contract, it is the installer`s responsibility to ensure that he installs a measuring device that we provide that meets the Ofgem requirements listed below: 10.1 If you have any questions or if you have any complaints, please contact us.