Eea Agreement Protocol 38

When the procedure under Article 93, paragraph 2, first and second paragraphs, of the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community or the corresponding procedure established by an agreement between the EFTA States establishing the EFTA Supervisory Authority for State Aid Programmes and Cases is opened, the Commission or the EFTA Supervisory Authority communicate your comments to the other Authority as well as to the parties concerned. with regard to EFTA States, by the EFTA Supervisory Authority, in accordance with the rules of an agreement between EFTA states establishing the EFTA Supervisory Authority, which is responsible for the powers and functions defined in Protocol 26. On the community`s initiative, mutual recognition agreements from third countries on the assessment of compliance of products for which the use of a trademark is provided for by EU legislation are negotiated. The Community will negotiate on the basis of parallel mutual recognition agreements between the third countries concerned and the EFTA countries, which correspond to those to be concluded with the Community. The parties cooperate in accordance with the general information and consultation procedures of the EEA agreement. In the event of differences in relations with third countries, they are dealt with in accordance with the relevant provisions of the EEA agreement. Where reduced tariffs are in effect for certain products under bilateral agreements between the Community and certain EFTA states, these duties are considered basic duties for each of the EFTA states concerned. This protocol does not complement or impede the implementation of mutual assistance agreements concluded or likely to be concluded between EC and EFTA states and between EFTA states. Nor does it exclude broader mutual assistance provided under such agreements. If the Kingdom of Norway uses this right, the existing agreements apply to Svalbard, namely the agreement establishing the European Free Trade Association, the free trade agreement between the European Economic Community and the Kingdom of Norway and the free trade agreement between the Member States of the European Coal and Steel Community and the European Coal and Steel Community , on the one hand, and the Kingdom of Norway continues to apply to the Svalbard region. Contracting parties have the right to make decisions regarding the extension of legal protection for semiconductor topographies to persons from a third country or territory who are not parties to this agreement and who do not enjoy the right to protection in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. They can also make agreements to that effect.

If there is disagreement between the two institutions regarding the measures to be taken in relation to a complaint or with regard to the outcome of the review, one of the institutions may refer the matter to the EEA Joint Committee, which deals with it in accordance with Article 111. PROTOCOL 2 on products excluded from the scope of the agreement under Article 8, paragraph 3, point a), for EFTA states, are defined in the agreement on a standing committee of EFTA states and include: the parties agree to keep each other informed in the context of work carried out within the framework of international organisations and in the framework of intellectual property agreements. All agreements or decisions prohibited under this section are automatically rescinded. If the necessary legislative adjustments have not been made to the satisfaction of the contracting parties on the effective date of the agreement, all the points involved may be submitted to the EEA Joint Committee.