Alta Steel Collective Agreement

4. CREDIT: If the purchaser does not or does not have the terms of payment under these terms of sale, as agreed in writing by the parties, the seller may defer other deliveries until such payments take place or may, at his choice, terminate the unsured balance, without prejudice to other rights that the Seller may have against the buyer in the form of equity. Deliveries and deliveries are subject to the buyer`s credit seller`s agreement at any time and the seller reserves the right to demand a satisfactory guarantee from the buyer for the correct performance of the buyer`s obligations, even after partial delivery or partial payment under the contract. The refusal of such a guarantee gives the seller the right to defer additional deliveries until the delivery of that guarantee or to terminate the contract or such quantity which, without prejudice to other rights that the seller may have against the buyer, is not granted in law or in equity. 9. FORCE MAJEURE: in case of delay in the seller`s performance due to fires, strikes, labour disputes, war, unrest, epidemics, embargoes, floods, transportation delays, shortages of cars, fuel or other equipment, failure or failure of carriers or contractors, lack of manpower, acts of God, acts, claims, requirements or requirements of a state or government, or any other reason beyond the proper control of the seller , notwithstanding the effect of this case on the date of the agreement, the seller has an additional period of time in which this agreement must be fulfilled, which is reasonably necessary in the present circumstances. Notwithstanding the above, if the seller`s performance of the contract is delayed by more than thirty days for such a reason, each contracting party, after being elected in writing to the other party, is relieved of its subsequent responsibilities, otherwise the delivery period necessary to allow the seller to be delivered is extended; If the product manufactured or being manufactured at the time of the exercise of the option is subject to liability, the seller`s agreement is given. 14. CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES AND OTHER LIABILITIES: Neither party will be liable for indirect or subsequent damages, including loss of capital, cost of capital, loss of business opportunities, loss of earnings, loss of reputation or damage resulting from the purchaser`s use of the product.

Subject to the previous paragraph, the seller is liable to the buyer (and any party asserting rights against the seller through the buyer) for any claim in the event of loss or damage (including legal costs) of connection to the product or this agreement between the parties, in the contract, the unlawful act (including negligence) , the law, equity or any other way: (i) if the seller violates this agreement: , the seller`s liability is strictly limited to: (A) for goods, products or materials, the cost of replacing the defective product as soon as possible, or repairing the defective product or refunding (or compensation) of the price of the product to be taken into account; (b) the seller`s liability for the violation of this agreement does not extend, beyond the defective product, to other products provided under this agreement, or, by other means, where the loss or damage is not covered by paragraphs (i) or (ii) the seller is not liable to the purchaser: The law, in equity or in fact unlawful (including negligence or other means) for losses or damages suffered by Persons or goods resulting from the product or that are caused in any way; 5.