Mes: diciembre 2020

Agreement Currency

11. Notwithstanding 6, the Fund may, by a majority of 70% of the total votes, make uniform proportional changes to all nominal values if the special drawing right is the common denominator and the amendments do not affect the value of the special drawing right. However, the face value of a member`s currency is …

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Agreement Bank Guarantee

Guarantee transactions are carried out in accordance with current Russian law, international banking practices, uniform demand guarantee rules (ICC publication 458) and VTB Bank rules. Please inform our staff about warranty procedures, product descriptions and usage policies. Documents necessary to apply for a bank guarantee from the VTB Bank: for foreign bank guarantees, as …

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Affiliation Agreement Auf Deutsch

GME Medicare affiliate agreements provide teaching hospitals with flexibility in the reimbursement of their Medicare-funded GME-Cap slots. In particular, full-time equivalents (TDRs) of hospitals determine the maximum number of residents for whom the hospital is entitled to a GME medicare rebate. Medicare GME membership agreements allow teaching hospitals with GME programs to share a …

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