Written Agreement Among The Colonies

Penn was not the only settler to import Magna Carta on paper. For their legal training, the students relied on legal primers and expenses from lawyers such as Sir Edward Coke (1552-1634) and William Blackstone (1723-80), who had written in detail about the Charter. One of them, a young Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), wrote to a friend of his anger, writing it from the pages of Coke: «I wish the devil had old coke, because I`m sure I`ve never been so tired of a dull old villain in my life.» Nevertheless, his ideas, as taught by Virginia judge and law professor George Wythe (1726-1806), had a profound influence on the thinking of the future author of the Declaration of Independence. A «combination» was considered a conjunction of two or more entities into one. The association or union of persons was usually for the pursuit of a common, broad goal. The term has often been used interchangeably with the agreement and compact and sometimes with the covenant and the contract. As a legal term, it had no consistent or widespread use, but American settlers were fairly consistent in using it as an equivalent for agreements, as it has just outlined. The document later, known as the Mayflower Compact, which was clearly an alliance in form, was known to those who wrote it as a combination of Plymouth. As you know, the United States won its fight against Great Britain after winning at Yorktown in 1781.

The states then met to decide on a Constitution finally adopted in 1787. But just as Magna Carta was seen as an agreement that had just contained the arbitrary exercise of power by a king, many felt that the Constitution required explanations that restricted the power of the federal state. A number of amendments, later known as the Bill of Rights, were adopted during the ratification process of the Constitution, including the desprobisse, a formal trial and the freedom of «cruel and unusual punishment», all rights that accrue to the citizens of the new nation, which are thought to have been codified in 1215 in Runnymede. These are better understood by reading and studying carefully the institutes of the great legislator and head of the Christian Church, which are clearly written and proclaimed in the New Testament. Social Contract – an agreement between people and the government in which citizens agree to be governed as long as the government protects their natural rights How have differences moved from one thought to another? Over time, the British monarchy came to treat the settlers differently from the other free ones who lived in Britain. Scholarly men among the elites of the colonies, familiar with the works of Locke and other political philosophers, courageously sought a solution. Calls for the monarchy have failed. Parliament and King George III made decisions for the settlers without their consent. The property rights of the settlers (taxes and placements of soldiers without consent) were taken away from them. In the end, these colonial elites discovered that the social contract had been broken, and they were looking for a means of self-administration. Separation was the solution.

As far as religion is concerned, mutual tolerance in the various professions is what all good and honest spirits have ever practiced at all ages and which have been engraved both by instruction and by the example of humanity. And Christians now agree that this spirit of tolerance, which fully corresponds to the nature of civil society, is the most important characteristic of the Church. To the extent that, beyond the possibility of contradiction, Mr. Locke affirmed and proved that such tolerance should be extended to all those whose teachings are not subversive to society. The only sects that he considers to be the dress, and which we find in summary that the word «Constitution» is linked to doing or establishing something, to giving it the force of law, to describe the nature of the organization, to find sovereignty, to set limits and to describe fundamental principles.