Gpl Contributor Agreement

That is why the Foundation wants all the Foundation`s contributors to transfer ownership of its contribution. A CTC is designed to ensure that the custodian of the project results has the necessary ownership or the granting of rights to all contributions so that they can be distributed under the chosen license. In some cases, this means that the contributor cedes the copyright to all contributions to the project owner; in other cases, they grant an irrevocable license to allow the project manager to use the contribution. CLAs also play a role in raising awareness of IPR issues within a project. [3] Q. Why did you change the name from ICLA to FPCA? A. The new text is not really a «Convention of City Law» in the traditional sense of the word, as this type of agreement generally involves the attribution of copyright and the abandonment of the rights of a project. The FPCA has one major reason: to ensure that contributions to Fedora have acceptable licensing conditions. We chose a name that does not use «CLA» to avoid confusion and mark it as a clearly specific license.

While it is true that GPL exemptions may apply to some people and not others, could the author of an open source program avoid the problem of asking contributors to sign a Contributor`s Law Convention (CLA) by simply giving themselves additional privileges (to the original author) with respect to the contributor code? When version 3 of the GNU licenses was released, KDE, like other high-level projects, became interested in switching to new licenses. Now remember what I said above: by default, contributors retain copyright and the availability of their contribution under the same licensing terms is a convention. Please fill in the following information about you and the messages, and tap Send to give your consent to these conditions. If you have any questions about these conditions, contact us at 5. Presentation of contributions. Unless otherwise stated, the contribution that was intentionally deposited by you to the licensee to be included in the work will be made under the terms of this licence, without additional conditions. Regardless of the above, there is no substitute or change in the terms of a separate licensing agreement that you may have executed with the licensee with respect to these contributions. We can accept your main contribution if you release your code under the MIT license. Of course, we recommend you sign the agreement, because AGPL/GPL protects the freedom of your work better than MIT. But it`s up to you.

License: In some countries, it is not possible to allocate copyright to contributions, so that, in order to deal with this situation, Article 2.2 provides that the contributor grants the Foundation as broad a license as possible to give to the Foundation (if possible in the form of a license), which was impossible to give to the Foundation by transfer. Q. When did Fedora ICLA retire? A. There was a window of opportunity (between Tuesday, May 17, 2011 and Friday, June 17, 2011) in which we tried to convince all of Fedora`s current contributors who had agreed to fedora ICLA to approve the FPCA.

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