Double Taxation Agreement Vietnam Uk

1. Nationals of a contracting state must not be subject to a different or heavier taxation or requirement in the other contracting state than the imposition and related requirements to which nationals of that other state are subject or may be subject in the same circumstances. Since there are many rules and complications that can arise when applying double taxation agreements, it is important to seek professional help from a qualified and experienced accountant. The text of the tax treaty may If the above proposals are acceptable to the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, I have the honour of proposing that this communication and Your Excellency`s response be regarded as an agreement between the two governments on this issue. 1. The competent authorities of the contracting states exchange the information necessary for the implementation of the provisions of this Convention or the national legislation of the contracting States relating to the taxes covered by this agreement, provided that the imposition of this agreement is not contrary to this agreement, in particular to prevent fraud and facilitate the application of anti-circumvention legislation. The exchange of information is not limited by Article 1 of this agreement. All information received from a State Party is considered to be secret, such as information obtained under that state`s national law, and may only be disclosed to persons or authorities (including courts and administrative agencies) who participate in the assessment or collection, enforcement or continuation of taxes covered by this agreement or in the recognition of remedies for this tax. They may disclose information in the context of public court proceedings or in court decisions. Access to a library of resources from Vietnam`s current trade agreements, including DBAs and bilateral investment agreements, is available here. If there is a direct conflict between national tax laws and the tax provisions of a DBAA, they will predominate in the DBAA.

However, national tax legislation prevails when the tax obligations contained in the DBAA do not exist in Vietnam or when the tax rates of the agreement are higher than national rates. For example, if a signatory country has the right to impose a tax that does not recognize Vietnam, then Vietnamese tax laws apply. If, before or after this agreement enters into force, Vietnam enters into force an agreement with another Member State of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development to avoid double taxation and, in accordance with the provisions of this agreement, Vietnam may impose royalties: which are born in Vietnam and are paid to an established state in that State, but the tax collected should not exceed a percentage of gross licence fees less than what is provided for in section 12, paragraph 2 of section 12, so we are proposing a free preliminary consultation with a qualified accountant that will give you answers to your questions and help you understand if a double taxation contract could apply to you and help you save significant amounts of unnecessary taxes. Personal income Residents of countries with a DTAA with Vietnam who earn income in Vietnam are required to pay income taxes in accordance with Vietnamese income tax legislation.